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100% fair appraisals. Trust the experts at Autova.

100% fair appraisals. Trust the experts at Autova.

Trade in your old car, truck or SUV now for a model that’s more perfectly suited to your current lifestyle and budget.

Your trade-in acts like a down payment on your next car. It makes it possible to afford more & pay less each month.

If you’re shopping for a car loan, your trade-in is like a key that opens up more lender options & unlocks better rates.

Your trade-in reduces the price of your next car — so you pay less VA sales tax. Selling privately? You pay full sales tax.

Still owe money on your car? Gone upside-down on your loan? No problem. You can still trade it in at Autova.

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8 reasons why selling your car privately is risky

Thinking about selling your car on your own? Consider this...

Waiting is part of the game. The longer it takes to sell, the longer you’ll be making payments on your loan, taxes & insurance.

Professional scammers are out there. And they’re sophisticated when it comes to separating sellers from their cars.

Are you good with legal matters? Have you adequately protected yourself against fraud & liability claims, even after the car is sold?

If you want top dollar, you’ll have to fix any issues with the car. Now you’re spending cash long before you’ll ever make any cash.

What about test drives? You shouldn’t let a stranger drive your car alone. But it’s also risky to tag along as a passenger.

What’s your comfort level with haggling? Many used car buyers know how to take advantage of inexperienced sellers.

Do you need the cash in a hurry? If so, this is not the route for you. Count on it taking weeks or months to sell.

Do you expect to get top price for your car? Even if you do everything right, it’s likely you’ll still get less than expected.